Police Station


If arrested by the Police or invited to attend for an interview under caution, you are entitled to certain rights whilst at the police station including the right to be represented by a solicitor free of charge regardless of your income.

The interview will be tape-recorded and, whilst under arrest, you will be unable to leave at will. The Police can keep you in custody for up to 24 hours providing they are carrying out their investigation diligently and expeditiously. To detain you longer requires permission to be obtained.

At the conclusion of the interview, the Police may decide to bail you to another date whilst further enquiries are made, charge you with the offence or decide to take no further action.

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Once you are charged with an offence, a decision will be made as to whether you are kept in custody to be put before the next available court, or whether you will be released on bail to appear before court on a specified date. Your solicitor will be able to make representations on your behalf. Any decision to keep you for court will be based on whether the Police believe you are likely to commit further offences whilst subject to bail, whether you are likely to fail to surrender to custody, whether you are likely to interfere with witnesses, or for your own safety.

If you are kept for court, then one of our specialist solicitors will attend to represent you. He or she will apply for bail on your behalf.

For further advice on the next stage of the proceedings, please contact us to make an appointment.

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